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To join the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), please read the instructions below:


Process to Join

  1. Before filling out application paperwork (see below), contact to schedule a meeting with the Membership Board for an interview regarding CAP membership.

  2. Obtain a CAP fingerprint form from a Montgomery Senior Squadron meeting. Take this form to your local police station and get fingerprinted. This will be used in a background check by CAP National Headquarters. It is a requirement by the Civil Air Patrol to protect the cadets (youth) in CAP.

  3. Fill out the CAP application (the Charter Number is MD073). You can obtain the application using the link above.

  4. Bring the CAP application, fingerprint form and a check for $60 payable to the Civil Air Patrol for your first year's annual dues to a meeting.

Once the National Headquarters of the Civil Air Patrol receives your application, finger print card and first year's dues, they will process your application. Once approved, you will receive a card and information package through the mail. At this point, you can begin participating in Civil Air Patrol activities.

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